Every human being is an individual with physical characteristics. That’s why there is no generally perfect mattress. Those who restlessly sleep need a different type of mattress than a person who has to deal with physical pain problems due to age. In people with high body weight, the mattress must have a different strength than in children. Therefore, mattresses are made of different materials to meet human individuality and preferences. We will try to help you with this guide when deciding which mattress fits me.

Which mattress is the right one?

There are many types of mattresses, all with their own advantages, we will introduce them individually and you can decide which mattress is best for you.

Cold foam mattress the right choice?

In the production of a cold foam mattress, the base material (polyols) is foamed without external heat. The necessary heat of 120 ° C is generated solely by a reaction within the synthetic material.

The mattress can adapt to the body with different elastic foam patterns. Thus, from an orthopedic point of view, it is recommended for people who suffer from back problems, joint problems or are very restless. Now is our mattress for sale and you can buy it.

Does a spring mattress fit me?

They are among the best-known mattresses, are durable, stable and ensure high breathability due to the spring cavities. Due to their low heat insulation capacity, they can be chosen safely by people who sweat heavily at night. Spring mattresses are divided into three groups, which differ due to the number and shape of the metal springs used:

  • Pocket spring mattress
  • Bonnell spring mattress
  • Pocket sprung mattress

Each spring mattress consists of a spring core, foam padding, and a surrounding mattress cover. The steel springs provide optimal support, especially at high body weight. In contrast to pocket and barrel pocket spring mattresses, qualitatively simple mattresses have no point elasticity and, when used for a long time, develop reclining couches. For allergy sufferers, spring mattresses pose an increased risk of mite infestation. Spring mattresses are often supplemented with a mattress topper, especially on box spring beds. These toppers are made of gel foam, cold foam or viscose.